Preventative Maintenance for Transmissions

For some, regular engine maintenance seems like a no-brainer. Dropping by your local mechanic every now and then for a quick oil change or tune-up is almost second nature. But, most car owners often overlook transmission maintenance. Just like any other aspect of your vehicle’s engine, making sure fluids and filters are regularly changed helps to ensure that your transmission stays in good shape, and can help you avoid surprise repairs.

Unfortunately, with so many different sources of information, it’s hard to get a clear answer about when your transmission should be serviced. When consulting your owner’s manual, car dealership, or even your local mechanic, you’re sure to come up with different answers.

Only a true transmission expert, one that works on several different models every day, can give you a service recommendation you can rely on. Someone with this experience, like Tony at Superior Transmissions, has performed countless costly repairs that could have been avoided if the transmission were properly maintained.

As a rule of thumb, these service intervals are commonly recommended by automotive maintenance professionals:

  • Automatic Transmissions: Annually or Every 24,000 Miles
  • Standard Transmissions: Bi-Annually or Every 30,000 Miles
  • Transfer Cases (Used in 4WD or AWD Vehicles): Every 3 Years or Every 45,000 Miles
  • Differentials: By-Annually or Every 30,000 Miles

In most cases, these recommendations will meet or exceed the guidelines in your Owner’s Manual. Surprisingly, some manufacturers claim that their transmissions don’t need to be serviced at all. And, unfortunately, that’s a myth that often needs to be corrected. Though, in most cases, recommendations will vary based on the make, model, and fluid type used in your vehicle.

Just remember, when in doubt, have a professional check it out. At Superior Transmissions, you don’t need an appointment. Just give Tony a call, and come on by!