Diesel Transmission Repair

Diesel transmission repair is no simple task. Knowing when you will need professional help is the basic step in maintaining your vehicle’s condition and preventing any further damage. Our transmission repair specialists have years of experience working on diesel engines. We can quickly assess and diagnose the problem, and accurately repair your diesel transmission for a fair price. It’s this extensive experience and our honest work ethic that sets Superior Transmissions apart from our competition.

We know sometimes you need to know what’s wrong with your diesel transmission before taking your vehicle to the shop. These common diesel transmission issues might be what you’re dealing with:

Slipping Gears – This can be a serious safety issue. If your transmission is failing to stay in gear, there’s a delay in shift, or a harsh transition from gear to gear, its likely that your gear is slipping. In most cases, this is caused by wear and tear on the link that holds the gears in place. Sometimes your diesel transmission repair will require replacing external controls. Also, because of this damage, some electrical components might be too far gone to be fixed with simple adjustments, and will have to be replaced.

Leaking Fluid – A transmission fluid leak in a diesel engine could be caused by a number of things. Maybe the bolts or seals aren’t on tight enough or weren’t properly placed after your last service, maybe there’s a crack in the transmission pan, maybe there’s a faulty needle bearing or a crack in the torque converter. In any case, this is one problem that definitely shouldn’t be ignored. Without the adequate amount of fluids, irreversible damage to your transmission is inevitable.

Abnormal Noises – Any knocking, banging, whining, or humming sounds coming from your diesel transmission are usually caused by bolts that weren’t secured properly. An experienced transmission repairman would also check for leaks or needle bearings that separate the stator impeller, converter housing, and turbine. In most cases, this problem is easily fixed by an experienced transmission repairman.

Stuck Clutch – A sticky clutch might be one of the most frustrating car problems, and not just because it makes your vehicle almost impossible to drive. When the clutch is refusing to operate, it could be caused by a clutch cable that needs replacing, a damaged or warped flywheel, or contaminated clutch linings. Even worse, it could be having a negative impact on the transmission. Choosing a mechanic that can diagnose these issues and assess the possible damage on your transmission would be ideal in this situation.

Buck-Jump – Any jerking or shaking while your diesel vehicle is in motion is a clear sign that your transmission is in need of a tune up. You could be low on fluid, or there might be some internal functionality issues. Either way, the longer you wait to address the problem, the more its going to cost you to repair it. As with any transmission problem, the sooner you fix it the better.

Grinding Gears – If your hearing a sound that resembles a low voiced duck being tortured, your gears are not in the best shape. In a manual transmission, a bad clutch might be the culprit. But, in most cases, the gears in your diesel transmission are either damaged or worn out from a lack of transmission fluid. It could also be caused by the density of the lubrication fluid in your transmission.

In any case, getting your car or truck to an experienced diesel transmission repair shop is your best bet! The longer you wait to fix any car problems, the more it will cost you. Call Superior Transmissions of Tampa Bay to get the quality service you need.