BMW Transmission Repair

A car’s transmission is one of its most complicated parts. That’s especially true for imported vehicles like BMW. In most cases, these luxury brands expect their cars to be serviced by experts employed by dealerships. But, no matter where you get the work done, you should make sure to choose a transmission repair shop that really knows what they’re doing, and has a clear understanding of BMW’s maintenance expectations.

BMW expects your transmission fluid to last for 100,000 miles. The brand is so confident in this assessment that they don’t even install dipsticks in their transmissions. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Your BMW transmission could fail without warning, putting you in a real pickle.

To avoid making matters worse, it’s important that you pay close attention to warning lights. As soon as your car alerts you that there might be something wrong, it’s time to take action. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get.

But, to make things even more complicated, this warning light doesn’t always paint a clear picture of what the problem is. The alert given might not provide enough information to properly diagnose the problem. If that’s the case, your mechanic will have to run a full computer diagnostic to repair your BMW.

At Superior Transmissions, we specialize in unique makes and models. Because imported cars like BMW and Volkswagen have parts that are harder to find and require special tools to perform the repair, many mechanics in the bay area aren’t equipped to handle the job.

Transmission repairs of this nature can be more complicated, and some transmission repair shops will try to charge you an arm and a leg to fix the problem. That’s not the case with Superior Transmission Repair. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quality repair work for a reasonable price. On top of that, our shop is able to do more than just repair or replace your BMW transmission. Our experienced mechanics can do anything from change your oil to completely rebuilding your engine.

Contact Superior Transmissions for quality transmission repair and rebuild services in Tampa at a fair and affordable price.