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Superior Transmissions has over 20 years experience diagnosing and repairing transmission problems. We provide transmission repairs for domestic vehicles such as Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and imports like Honda, Volvo, and BMW.

Here’s Some Tips that Can Help You Spot Transmission Problems Early and Save You Money in the Long Run!

One experience all car owners have in common is car trouble. Motor vehicles are prone to mechanical failure and require ongoing maintenance in order to keep them at optimal levels of performance.

Of all the problems that could possibly affect an automobile, car transmission problems are more common.

Your car’s transmission is actually one of the most vital parts of the vehicle because of the key role they play in powering the vehicle by transferring power from the engine to the wheels.

The fact that is always in use makes its moving parts subject to progressive wear and tear which could have serious consequences on the vehicle if timely repair and maintenance is not performed.

Many people tend to balk at the idea of attending to the early tell-tale signs of car trouble but rather prefer to delay action until the problem escalates. Such an approach is ill-advised because any damage to the transmission system could potentially affect other parts of the vehicle which, in turn, could cause slow acceleration, poor mileage or in severe cases, require a complete overhaul of the transmission system of the car.

Hence, a little working knowledge of car transmission issues and how to diagnose them will help you in performing preliminary troubleshooting on your vehicle before taking it to your mechanic.

The following tips will show you how to detect some of the most common signs that are indicative of car transmission problems:

  • Transmission fluid leakage. The easiest way to identify a transmission problem is when a leakage is observed. The transmission fluid is absolutely essential for the car to perform its tasks; hence, any leakage of this fluid, no matter how miniscule, can make the transmission system fail. transmission repair image in tampa, flThe car’s transmission fluid could be leaking through the seals, gaskets and hose connections of the transmission system. However, if you have any doubts about whether the liquid observed is transmission fluid, open the hood of the car and check the fluid level indicator on the dipstick. If you suspect that there is a leakage, top up the transmission fluid and get your mechanic to fix the leakage immediately.
  • Noises. Car transmission problems are usually accompanied with distinctive sounds and behaviors that indicate that something is not working right. In cars with manual transmission, a squeaking sound is often heard, while cars with automatic transmission shake or produce a hissing or clicking sound. If the car makes noises when in neutral, some parts may be worn out or damaged and need to be replaced. A faulty transmission will also make sounds when the car shifts between gears. Using incorrect oil type of transmission fluid or dirty or insufficient fluid could be the culprit in some of these cases and replacing the transmission fluid sometimes does the trick. These sounds could arise from other sources other than the car’s transmission and the best way to ascertain the cause is to take the car to the mechanic’s workshop for appropriate diagnosis and repair.
  • Slipping Gears. If you ever observe your vehicle’s transmission slipping out of gear when the vehicle is moving, then most likely there is a transmission problem. transmission slipping in tampa, flIn a fully functional car, the car’s transmission is designed to remain in the gear that you select, until you or the computer decide to change it to another gear. If the car spontaneously slips out of gear while driving or falls back into neutral gear in a manual transmission vehicle, the transmission system is probably defective. Cars built with an automatic transmission ideally should instantaneously shift gears when they are deployed. If a delay is observed, this is symptomatic of a car transmission problem. Such cases should be reported to your automobile mechanic workshop for repairs as soon as possible.
  • Check engine lights. The check engine light can be a good early indicator that there is an existent or looming transmission problem in your vehicle. While the transmission system might not always be the culprit, it should not be ignored whenever it appears in the car as the sensors can detect early problems that are unseen to the ordinary driver. Buying a car diagnostic tool kit will help you detect if indeed there is a transmission problem by displaying the corresponding error code. If the code indicates a transmission problem, then a visit to your mechanic would be apt.
  • Smells of burnt oil. The transmission fluid serves to lubricate the moving parts of the transmission system. When it becomes overheated, it gives rise to the smell of burnt oil perceived. Other possible causes could insufficient levels or wrong type of transmission fluid used in the gearbox or when the fluid has become dirty. This smell can also be perceived when there is wear and tear on one or more of the pistons.

With strict vigilance and timely intervention, it is possible to prevent any likely car transmission problems that could require an expensive transmission repair or even a rebuild of your car’s transmission system. With regular oil and fluid changes and by spotting these signs when they show up and taking the necessary actions, you can significantly prolong the service life of your vehicle and save yourself a lot of money you would have otherwise spent on automobile repairs.

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