Do You Need a Transmission Repair in Tampa?

Car owners dread hearing they need a┬átransmission repair. It’s one of the most expensive auto repair procedures, and involves an extremely complex and essential source of power for their vehicle.

Though, this shouldn’t come as a surprise – transmission work is hard to do. But its even


harder to find an honest, trustworthy mechanic to do the work for a fair price. It helps if you’re an informed car owner, but that may not be the case for everyone. Having a clear understanding of what should be charged and how long the job should take will always help when you’re trying to avoid being taken advantage of by a sneaky mechanic.

transmission repair shop tampa, flThere are different factors to consider when assessing the cost of your transmission repair:

1. How bad is the damage?

The extent of damage to the transmission mainly determines the price of the repair. Why? Because this alone will determine exactly how much work the mechanic will be required to do. For example, if the repair involves more complicated tasks like replacing or rebuilding the transmission, car owners should expect to pay several thousand dollars for the necessary parts and skilled labor. A few minor repairs and a fluid change, on the other hand, should only cost you a couple hundred dollars.

2. What is the make and model of your vehicle?

The cost of transmission repair also depends on the complexity of your car’s engine. Since few mechanics understand the design of vintage cars, repairs on those models are often more expensive than newer vehicles. Additionally, the parts needed to repair these cars are usually harder to find.

Imported vehicles such as BMW, Volvo, Mercedes and Volkswagen are also more expensive to repair, because the availability of parts is very limited. On top of that, manual transmissions are significantly cheaper to repair than automatic ones because they are much less complex. And, if you have a CVT transmission, you could be looking at completely replacing your transmission.

Superior Transmissions can repair any kind of transmission. Foreign and exotic cars are routine to us.

3. Where is your mechanic located?

Depending on the cost of living in your area, a mechanic might be a little pricier than expected. Since areas with higher costs of living charge more for labor costs, this can have an impact on the total cost of your transmission repair.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a mechanic to repair or service your transmission, you should always do your research before deciding on a shop. Make sure you understand the general cost of a transmission repair for your car, have the mechanic explain exactly what needs to be fixed, and factor in the cost of labor. But, most importantly, make sure you select an honest, trustworthy mechanic with a solid reputation for doing great work at a fair price.

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re being taken advantage of.

At Superior Transmissions, we aim to provide quality service at a fair price, no matter the age, make or type of transmission.

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